Quality Assurance Statement

CTCA imbues each program with Quality Assurance from inception and throughout every phase of the project through frequent and close communication with the customer. The primary ingredients to ensuring quality service are understanding of customer expectations and vendor’s capabilities, detailed advance planning,  risk and cost identification of potential problems, determining the appropriate (and qualified) staffing resources, identifying and selecting appropriate tools, and rigorous attention to program and project outlining/developing detailed work plans for specific tasks helps to ensure quality of support provided on each project task we conduct.

Our quality management approach is designed to identify potential challenges, and to take steps to prevent, reduce, or eliminate problems that might compromise ability to perform on time, within budget, or according to the task order requirements. Our approach includes:

• Clearly identifying customers’ tasks, goals and objectives for the program

• Identifying challenges and roadblocks to accomplishing the above

• Developing a Quality Management Program Plan with identification of risks and costs

• Establishing, reviewing, updating and monitoring metrics for the project objectives

• Establishing quality processes which include monitoring and assessing performance

• Coordinating with program partners regarding quality management and reporting

• Conducting the appropriate frequency of Quality Reviews

Quality Assurance promotes the delivery of complete, accurate, and reliable results by minimizing the number and impact of errors through Quality Planning, Control, and Improvement processes.  We believe that the heavy-investment of communications and planning/protecting program objectives “up front” will both reduce time-consuming errors/faults along the way as well as providing the “appropriate level” of Quality Assurance during the entire lifecycle of a task.