Past Performance

Since 2002, CTCA team members have been called upon to provide high-quality, leading-edge support for network engineers, system administrators, support units, and military operations.  We have been known for delivering high-quality, highly-adaptable Trainers and Field Service Engineers for CONUS and OCONUS programs supporting US Marine Corps, US Army, and NATO forces:


USMC – Combat Operations Center (COC) – Fielding/Staffing – Afghanistan
CTCA Field Service Engineers supported Marines in-theater in standing-up Combat Operations Centers (or COC, the Marine version of a Tactical Operations Center, or TOC) in numerous locations in Afghanistan.  Also, within the tasks of supporting the COC, CTCA employees trained Marines on the effective use of the Command Post Of the Future (CPOF) at all levels of command (including small-units at Forward Operating Bases (FOBs)
Customer Satisfaction Contact:  Jerry McCormack, GDC4S, [+1 (480) 441-0322] or


USMC – New Equipment Training – CONUS and OCONUS (Various Locations)
Units who were about to be deployed into theater needed advanced training on setting up CAPSETS so that they were prepared to stand-up and maintain their own operations.  CTCA Trainers were deployed to numerous locations to CONUS and OCONUS bases to assist units who needed New Equipment Training (NET) or recurrent training.
Customer Satisfaction Contact:  Jerry McCormack, GDC4S, [+1 (480) 441-0322] or


US Army/NATO/DARPA – Tactical Ground Reporting System (TIGR) – CONUS and Afghanistan
CTCA Field Service Engineers deployed into Afghanistan to assist Patrol Leaders (and many others) in getting the best benefit of the DARPA-funded TIGR System.  CTCA employees provided small-unit training, over-the-shoulder coaching, and specialized imagery support while delivering a high-level of professional support throughout the program.
Customer Satisfaction Contact:  Jason Knapp, GDC4S, [+1 (480) 441-1941] or