CTCA is an SBA “Small Business” Advanced-Technology/C4ISR Support, Training, and Consulting Organization with over a decade of successful Past Performance  with Civilian/Commercial/Enterprise and Military/DoD customers in North America (CONUS) and two-dozen other countries (OCONUS), including several locations “in theater”.

Military/DoD Customers:
CTCA staff has supported CONUS and OCONUS programs with Advanced Technology (C4ISR) programs such as: ADOCS, JADOCS, Land Warrior, Common Ground Station (CGS), Command Post of the Future (CPOF), and USMC Combat Operations Centers (COC). Our staff has deployed into war zones and work side-by-side with warfighters supporting and protecting our military men and women in combat situations. We have installed, trouble-shot, networked, trained, and supported these system on-site and remotely in support of critical missions with high customer satisfaction. For more information on our Past Performance and Capabilities with our DoD/Military Customers CLICK HERE

Commercial/Enterprise Customers:
CTCA instructors have taught over 100 advanced communications protocols* in over 20 countries for people needing to know about Local Area (LANs) and Wide Area (WANs) Networks whether they are on wire, coax, fiber/fibre, or wireless. The most popular courses, recently, have recently focused on Executive-Level Overviews of TCP/IP networks, Technically-oriented Basic and Advanced TCP/IP networks, as well as Wireless Access Networks. Our Enterprise Clients have included small companies, manufacturers, major telephone/ long-distance/wireless services providers, Fortune 25 clients, and National Trade Organizations.

We also teach “Professional Presentations” courses for company staff members at all-levels of the corporation, up-to and including C-Level Executives.

For more information on our Past Performance and Capabilities with our Commercial/Enterprise Customers CLICK HERE

We have supported operations on both the Enterprise and Military/DoD projects with over fifty present and former team members, and have several on-going and new projects to support – which means that we are continually looking for the highest-quality staff to help us support our clients.
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