Seaport-e Prime Contractor – Zone 2:
CTCA is pleased to announce that they received notice on November 20, 2013, that they have been selected as a Seaport-e Small Business Prime Contractor (Zone 2) under Contract Number N00178-14-D-7240. Task order awards will be listed, below, on this page – and follow-on information for publication should be made available to CTCA first quarter of 2014.

Seaport-e Team Member – All Zones:In January, 2014, CTCA was invited to join the Novus Origo Seaport-e team as a partner on their Contract Number N00178-11-D-6632 for “All Zones”.  This means that Customers and End-Users who use Seaport-e and who wish to either use CTCA “anywhere” in the world “or” who wish to have complex, multidisciplinary solutions to their challenges can do so through the Novus Origo team

Organizations who would like to reach CTCA capabilities for their programs can do so via the above-mentioned contracts.

– For more information about CTCA’s ability to support your program, please contact via our Contact Us page,

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Task Orders:
2013/11/19:   Minimum Order Task Order 7240_0001