For over 30 years, CTCA staff members have provided high-quality Support, Education, and Consulting to a wide-array of Commercial/Enterprise customers. From Fortune 50 clients to start-up Enterprises, CTCA staffers have provided high-quality, expert service to customers needing:

  • – Overviews of Advanced Technologies
  • – In-depth to Executive-level classes on business-affecting protocols
  • – Assessments on technology strengths and weaknesses (as well as mitigation strategies)
  • – Custom-delivery of CTCA technology courses for specific needs
  • – Short articles which explained challenges in the High-Technology World

CTCA has also been the Outsourced Training Department for Leading-Edged Companies who needed CTCA experts to deliver training with our unique, advanced-level presentation methods:

  • Dual, Asynchronous Presentation Screens: showing before/after, picture/verbiage, and theory/live-online comparisons
  • Purposeful-Animation of complex subjects: showing processes/functions that are better-understood “in motion” (not just animation for the sake of animation)
  • Persistent Color: using color-workbooks in assisting learners in understanding “what process/layers” are we discussing, compared to other processes/layers are being supported
  • Advanced Presentation Methods: on how to “use technology” to “teach technology” (so successful that we have developed a Presentation Skills Course to teach customer staffs on how to present better)